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Shopping center signs spark outrage

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield talks with her panel about a shopping center that had posted "No Muslim Parking." More from CNN at ...

HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield: The Case Of Chris Watts | OCT 2018

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Part 2 HLN's Ashleigh Banfield/ Sept. 2018 |Chris Watts Case | Shanann's Schoolteacher

"Chris Watts News" Playlist: ~ If you've ...

Part 1 HLN's Ashleigh Banfield/ Sep 2018 | Chris Watts /Shanann Watts Case | Autopsies| Social Media

Watts Family Playlist: ~ If you've appreciated ...

High expenses for higher education

Michael Roth, President of Wesleyan University joins Ashleigh Banfield to discuss the rising cost of college.

Tommy Hiett and The Haywires w Ashleigh Banfield at The Loop 97- Dont Fear the Reaper

Great clip from 1997 in Deep Ellum at The Loop. You will be missed my friend! with Russ McKraken, Todd Frezel, and Andre ...

First openly gay Miss America contestant speaks out

Miss Missouri, Erin O'Flaherty, is the first openly gay Miss America contestant in the pageant's 95-year history. She speaks to ...

Ground Zero w/ Ashleigh Banfield - Unaired Video

soon after 9/11 - camera sneaked in -- source: Klaus L. -- WTC7 collapse videographer, at least found on the same website in the ...

Ashleigh Banfield discusses Lori Isenberg case

Ashleigh Banfield talks with Nate Eaton on the HLN show "Crime and Justice" about the Lori Isenberg case. Isenberg is charged ...

New video surfaces of racist fraternity song

A second video shows members of the Oklahoma University chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity chanting racist lyrics.


Brief clip of Ashleigh Banfield under glass.

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield Yells at Guest, Drums Up Some Weird Bernie Sanders Drama

In this Majority Report clip, CNN's Ashleigh Banfield screams at a guest after describing the way that Bernie Sanders's campaign ...

Live Rescue | New Series April 22nd | A&E

Hosted by veteran journalist Ashleigh Banfield, “Live Rescue” follows firefighters, paramedics and EMTs from across the country ...

Nate Eaton appears on Crime and Justice with Ashleigh Banfield reporter Nate Eaton appears on HLN's Crime and Justice program to discuss the story of Lori Isenberg and ...


Clip of Ashleigh Banfied doing her magic in a black dress.

Joe Walsh Says "Ashleigh"

Joe Walsh vs Ashleigh Banfield more at


Clip of Ashleigh Banfield in a sleeveless grey dress.


Clip of the leggy former legal reporter.

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