Jayy Von Monroe clips – video

Jayy Von Funny/Crazy and Cute moments (pictures) 2016-2017

NOTE: this video contains some smoking and mild adult content also if you don't like him don't watch this video duhhh ( I do not ...

Unraveling Dahvie Vanity Files & Lies of Jayy Von Monroe

Unraveling Dahvie Vanity Files & Repulsive Lies of Jayy Von Monroe in this video we take a look at several several things about ...

Dahvie Vanity

Dahvie Vanity.

dahvie vanity being creepy for 3 minutes

just a good ol creepy Dahvie compilation song at end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf0WtDxU8ao.

The Gruelling Dahvie Vanity Video That No One Is Talking About (Exposing Dahvie Vanity)

So carrying forward from my last video on dahvie vanity and his predatory actions we dive into the potential assault on his own ...

Old Jayy Von Monroe Pics

Just went through my old computer to find some pics 0_o so i thought i would make a clip of them,there are exactly 50 here.

Jayy Von Monroe Makes Me Fall In Love Again

a video for the amazingly hawt Jayy Von Monroe! ♥ i love BOTDF so much, don't get me wrong i love Dahive lots too, it's just Jayy ...

Dahvie Vanity

Video of Dahvie Vanity via his instagram live stream - August 27, 2018.

Behind the Scenes of Blood On The Dance Floor's new Music Video 'Unforgiven'

Hope you love them as much as I do, This is Blood On The Dance Floor with Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe shooting their ...

Blood on the Dance Floor - "BEWITCHED" - Official Music Video - featuring - Lady Nogrady

OFFICIAL STORE: http://botdf.bigcartel.com iTunes MOD - http://alturl.com/787pg iTunes BOTDF - http://alturl.com/5n8ws Google ...

Jayy Von Monroe @ Studio Seven - Seattle, WA

Just a cute little clip of Jayy I was lucky enough to capture :) My Twitter: @Black_Dahlia217.

Jayy Von Monroe || O-M-G ♥

this is a tribute to the wonderful and sexy Jayy Von Monroe. He's one of the singers in the amazing band Blood On The Dance ...

jayy von Monroe dancing

Cincinnati Ohio at bogarts Oct 2nd.

Exposing Dahvie Vanity Series: Part 1 - Jessi Slaughter

In part 1 of this series we are showing how in 2009 Dahvie Vanity bullied, harassed and doxxed an 11 year old girl for speaking ...

diffrent people!

Sexting Live :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rB-RY_jJWA&feature=g-upl Star Power: ...

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