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Marlene Dietrich - Angel in Paris

"Have you ever been a stranger in a strange city?" Director: Ernst Lubitsch Starring Marlene Dietrich, Melvyn Douglas Year: 1937.

Witness for the Prosecution (1957) - You've Bombed My Trousers Scene (6/12) | Movieclips

Witness for the Prosecution: You've Bombed My Trousers: Leonard (Tyrone Power) meets Christine (Marlene Dietrich) ...


Every talking picture Dietrich starred in is featured here. The song is 'face To Face' by Siouxsie & The Banshees. Enjoy.

Marlene Dietrich | Million Dollar Woman

Finally made a video for my favorite actress other than Joan Crawford! Thanks for watching :)

falling in love again-marlene dietrich

marlene dietrich sings Falling in Love Again from The Blue Angel 1930.

Piaf and Dietrich

Edith Piaf meets Marlene Dietrich.

Witness for the Prosecution (1957) - Damn You! Damn You! Scene (10/12) | Movieclips

Witness for the Prosecution: Damn You! Damn You!: n/a BUY THE MOVIE: ...

Shanghai Express

Marlene Dietrich & Anna May Wong, cheeky scene from 'The Shanghai Express'.

Marlene (2000) - Official Trailer

The movie follows the life and personality of the famous actress Marlene Dietrich.

Witness for the Prosecution (1957) - Wilfrid Is Duped Scene (11/12) | Movieclips

Witness for the Prosecution: Wilfrid Is Duped: After the trial, Christine (Marlene Dietrich) reveals to Wilfrid (Charles Laughton) that ...

Marlene Dietrich - A Foreign Affair

Marlene Dietrich, born as Marie Magdalene Dietrich was an American actress and singer born in Germany on December, 27th ...

Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo - Male Attire and Commentary.wmv

A short segment featuring Quentin Crisp and Susie Bright talking about the significance of women wearing male attire in film.

Marlene Dietrich Presents Foreign Language Award: 1951 Oscars

Marlene Dietrich presents an Honorary Foreign Language Film Award to France/Italy and The Walls of Malapaga, voted by the ...

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