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Dance Moms - Pyramid And Assignments (S3 E3)

Sophia Rest of girls Enjoy! All Rights Belong To Lifetime.

Sophia Lucia's Voice Change (if you remember her from dance moms WATCH THIS)

Sophia Lucia's INSANE voice change over the years! Welcome to my YouTube Channel! Who is this channel for?☁️ If you don't ...

Sophia Lucia Dancing A Nutcracker Christmas

Clips of Sophia Lucia dancing in her movie A Nutcracker Christmas on Hallmark.

Dance Moms: Sophia's Jazz Solo - "Superstar" (Season 3) | Lifetime

Watch Sophia's jazz solo "Superstar" from Season 3, Episode 3, "But I'm a National Champion"! #DanceMoms Subscribe for more ...

what happened to sophia lucia from dance moms?

CLICK READ MORE FOR ETERNAL LOVE FROM ME !! I decided to do a video of Sophia Lucia's dance evolution and how far ...

Sophia Lucia- Best Turns

Sophia Lucia is an amazing 10-year-old dancer from San Diego, CA. On March 30, 2013, she broke the world record for most ...

Dance Moms: Sophia's Lyrical Solo - "New Reality" (Season 3 Flashback) | Lifetime

Watch Sophia's lyrical solo "New Reality" in this clip from from Season 3, Episode 2, "Out With the Old, in With the New".

Sophia Lucia Dances Her Way to Vegas - America's Got Talent

See sweet, little high-pitched Sophia Lucia dance her way across the stage--and onto Las Vegas! » Get The America's Got Talent ...

Dance Moms: Group Dance - "Red Carpet Special" (Season 3) | Lifetime

Watch the ALDC's group routine "Red Carpet Special" from Season 3, Episode 3, "But I'm a National Champion"! #DanceMoms ...

Dance Moms - Sophia is the centre of attention (S3, E4)

I own none of the content Email: [email protected] if there are concerns All rights go to Lifetime ♥♥ Please note, any ...

Maddie Ziegler and Sophia Lucia | Cool for the Summer

Maddie Ziegler and Sophia Lucia dance to Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato Choreo by Bobby Newberry.

Maddie Ziegler & Sophia Lucia dancing

Maddie Ziegler and Sophia Lucia Dancing Dance Moms - Freestyle Dance Awards New York 2015.

Best Of Sophia Lucia's Flexibility


Sophia Lucia

All videos and pictures go to youtube and google Note: many video clips were sped up, slowed down, and/or reversed No ...

Sophia Lucia | Hip Hop Evolution

Sophia Lucia's hip hop evolution! This is a collection of Sophia's hip hop (and jazz funk) combo's, and a few scenes of ...

Sophia Lucia - Total Eclipse

Lyrical Solo Age 8 San Diego Dance Centre The Pulse 2011 Choreographed by Kristen Hibbs.

Dance Moms: Abby Is Extra Harsh at Pyramid (Season 3 Flashback) | Lifetime

Still upset about the moms taking their kids out of the ALDC, Abby takes her frustrations out on the girls during pyramid in this clip ...

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